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England has done it! For the first time in over 50 years, they are going to be participating in a Euro 2020 final.

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England has been waiting 55 years to reach the Euro 2020 Men’s Final and they finally achieved that long-cherished goal as victory against Denmark in extra time. The tension was palpable during their game at Wembley, but after coming from behind for a win England fans were left unconfined with joy.

In front of a frenzied, thunderous atmosphere at Wembley Stadium, England battled their way to the Euro 2020 final against Italy. Though they started off strong and looked poised for victory with an early goal by Denmark’s Mikkel Damsgaard in the first half (1-0), things got tense as soon as he scored his team’s second one after 30 minutes (2-1). But this was only until Harry Kane somehow found space behind Denmark’s defense lines to score two goals before halftime! He then proceeded to make it 4 total just three minutes into the second round when Kasper Schmeichel tried out a free-kick from around 25 yards away that went wide left…only so far enough where our fearless English striker could

In front of 66,000 fans and in a frenzied thunderous atmosphere this newer Wembley has not experienced before, England battled out of adversity to make it past Denmark. They now have the opportunity to meet Italy for Euro 2020 at the same venue on Sunday (20:00 BST kick-off) after Mikkel Damsgaard’s stunning free-kick goal 30 minutes into their semi-final match against them.

England’s captain Harry Kane scored a penalty in the 103rd minute and led his team to victory.
England was able to take advantage of Denmark, as their goalkeeper Schmeichel made two saves late in the game after England had taken control with ten minutes left on the clock by tying up at 2-2 thanks to goals from Sterling (injury time) and Maguire. It looked like it would be an easy win until Danish defender Kjaer turned in Saka’s cross 6minutes before halftime which changed everything for both teams; however, they were back on equal footing when Hoolahan notched what proved to be only consolation goal for Ireland just 5mins later. The moment that everyone has been waiting for was checked up on via video replay before being confirmed as correct.

In one of the most dramatic endings to any England game, Kane managed to score a goal in stoppage time for him and his team as they proved their worth at Wembley Stadium.

England now has 10 goals on major tournaments by players; Gary Lineker’s long-standing record is finally broken after all these years with angst.

The English national team continues to prove their mettle in recent years, as they overcame a resilient Indian side who was attempting its first victory against England.

England has been riding high on the global stage ever since it beat Germany at home back in November and followed up with another strong performance by defeating Denmark 2-1 today.

On an unforgettable night at Wembley, England proved they were hungry for success in the Euro 2020. They had faced a lot of adversity since their last major tournament but managed to prove themselves on and off the field against all odds with two moments that will be remembered forever.

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Despite being heavy favorites to win the tournament, England still needed this match against Denmark in order to prove themselves. The game was a tough battle and they came out on top with an impressive 4-0 victory over their Danish opponents that ended up confirming them as true contenders for Euro 2020. As we move into Sunday’s final showdown versus Italy, fans can rest easy knowing that England is not just going through the motions of playing football – these are players who have what it takes to go all the way!

This will be one of two semi-finals between European countries fighting it out at Wembley Stadium before Sunday’s grand finale where either France or Portugal face off against hosts Italy in Nice . A lot rests on tomorrow’s first leg

In what was a tense and thrilling game, England faced their first true test of nerve when they fell behind to Denmark. The Danes scored early on with the help from an excellent free-kick by Damsgaard. This goal left Jordan Pickford without conceding for 721 minutes since his last time playing in an international match against Scotland back in March 2017 – but this didn’t deter him as he valiantly tried to keep up despite some moments of instability within the defense due to Schmeichel’s magnificent saves during that span…but it would ultimately be Harry Kane who managed luck after missing many opportunities throughout the night, scoring just before stoppage time hit which resulted is a 2:1 victory over Danish side!

The “Golden Generation” has done more than just break a long streak of disappointment. They have dared to dream in ways that no England team before them could even manage with their victory over Wales on Wednesday night and now the odds are stacked high against Italy for Sunday’s final match-up.

Southgate’s big guns fired England to the final as expected, with Kane scoring four goals and making a vital penalty. With his missed penalty in mind, he was under lots of pressure going into this game but rose up when it mattered most on a night where failure would have been tough for any player or team to bear.

Gareth Sterling was brilliant in the penalty that won England their match against Denmark, and it will be imperative for them to have him back at his best when they take on Italy’s talented Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. The two combined are 70 years old with a wealth of experience reflected both from how long ago they were born as well as all the battles fought over those decades.

England’s heroes are back to business as usual, but now armed with the knowledge that they can do it. Captain Harry Maguire is an injury doubt who did not even make the start of the tournament and yet he returns to his role where Southgate wants him.

Once the euphoria has died down and England’s heroes clear their heads, they will be called upon to go above and beyond one more time against Italy on Sunday.

Denmark can hold their heads high
There were tears among Denmark’s players as the final whistle sounded on their Euro 2020 campaign, one which began with emotional trauma for Christian Eriksen facing cardiac arrest in a game against Finland. Despite being fueled by emotion and having quality team members that deserved to reach the last four of the tournament, they showed courage through hard work–a credit to coach Kapser Hjulmand who led them well.

The Danish National Team may have lost in the semi-final of Euro 2020, but they left a very important mark on this tournament with their performances. They were able to show that Denmark is still one of Europe’s best teams and will be for years to come!

The Danes went out fighting against England tonight at Wembley Stadium—in many ways it was everything you would expect when two top European sides meet up under such circumstances. The home side took an early lead through Theo Walcott, only for Lasse Schone’s stunning free kick just before half time put them back level; then came what seemed like might turn into the game winner as Christian Eriksen netted following some good work by Pione Sisto down the right

Pickford’s outstanding records – Only a few of his best stats

Jordan Pickford set a new record for an England goalkeeper, surpassing Gordon Banks’ 720 minutes without conceding. It was the first time in Euro 2020 that England won back-to-back games after going behind and it’s been over 30 years since they’ve done so at a major tournament. Jordan has kept seven clean sheets out of nine possible on his way to this achievement which is just one shy of beating David Seaman’s previous best – eight from ten matches played between February 2001 and May 2002.

The Danes got off to a strong start against the Irish as Mikkel Damsgaard scored their first goal of Euro 2020 with 37 direct free-kick shots. Jack Grealish became England’s third player this tournament alone and second at the Euros overall to sub in for his team, only moments after coming on then out again minutes later. Bukayo Saka made history when he was selected by Southgate for England’s starting lineup aged just 19 years old – contributing two assists during Wednesday night’ match (following an assist earlier that evening.)

Mikkel Damsgard opened up scoring early into Denmark’s matchup vs Ireland through what has been 38 successful attempts from attempting direct free kicks so far; surpassing records set

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